Vikings beat Cowboys, win “Panic Bowl” 24-21

By sara.marsh

[picappgallerysingle id=”9859279″]I believe it was Bob Costas on Sunday Night Football who christened yesterday’s do-or-die match-up between the Minnesota Vikings and the Dallas Cowboys the “Panic Bowl.” I like the name, and agree that it was a must-win for the Vikings, who defeated the Cowboys 24-21. Unfortunately for the Cowboys, it means they drop to 1-4, whereas the Vikings sit at a slightly less-than-respectable 2-3.

Boy, is Brett Favre inconsistent this year. Sometimes Favre throws with laser-point accuracy, and sometimes he just sort of carelessly lobs the football in the general direction of the end zone. I don’t really think that Vikings coach Brad Childress will bench Favre unless he proves to be completely and entirely incompetent – and it wouldn’t matter anyway, since the Vikings’ backup is T-Jack. That wouldn’t be any better.

I’ll tell you what, though – the addition of wide receiver Randy Moss to this offense has jacked up Percy Harvin, and Harvin looks terrific in every which way right now. Moss looks good, too, and it’s still a thrill to see him in a Vikings uniform, but I think that the best part of his return to the Vikings is the way he’s electrified Percy Harvin. And that’s good, because I personally don’t think Sidney Rice will ever play in a Vikings uniform again.

And before I hear all the shouting and feet-stamping about Adrian Peterson’s fumble, let’s take a moment to remember that Peterson is the man who has kept the Vikings from being written off this season. The only reason any of our three loses weren’t blowouts was because of him, and our two wins couldn’t have come without Adrian Peterson. It’s one fumble in five games, not five fumbles in one game.

So, yesterday’s “Panic Bowl” was about what I expected: both the Vikings and the Cowboys played hard, and we’re the better team, so we won. But like everyone’s been saying, both the Vikings and the Cowboys are good teams, so why are their records so bad? It’s just weird. But then again, the NFL is filled with mediocre teams this season. What a strange year.

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