Wrangler sacks Favre commercials

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According to Darren Rovell of CNBC, Wrangler has sacked the use of Brett Favre commercials during NFL football games. I for one was surprised that Wrangler still had the Favre commercials still in heavy rotation last week during week five of the NFL season amid all the controversy surrounding the 41 year old quarterback.

You have to admit that Favre looks better completing that pass in the Wrangler commercial than he has looked all season on the field for the Minnesota Vikings.

Wrangler spokesmen have declined comment on the decision to reduce the number of ads or when the advertisements might return to heavy rotation during NFL broadcasts. Favre is set to meet with league officials this week to discuss the scandal involving former Jets employee Jenn Sterger.

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  • ol salty

    i Agree and will start buying wrangler again, farve is a bum, and has been since his womenizing days a southern miss.

    • Andy

      Ol salty is a douche

      • #4 Forever

        Favre is the best.period.No other quarterback in history has ever accomplished what he has. He’s been kicking @ss since 1992,all u haters shut the *&^% up,u ain’t half the man he is.. Go Vikings! #4 forever!!

        • Me

          I’ve seen the photos they’re talking about.

          I’m not half the man Favre is. I’m more than twice the man he is.

  • http://YAHOO Bill Skadder

    Innocent until proven guilty folks (Wrangler) I’m switching to Levee’s.

  • http://None richard Hertz

    Did he have his “fly” open in the commercials?

  • Marty

    Hello Levi’s
    your stock will go up today…

  • Alan

    Put on my Wranglers the other day and noticed I need a new pair, thought of Brett and his touch football ad and planned for the same pair…but not now. Hello, Levi’s!

  • Pam PIper

    I can not believe the crap you all have written here. Favre is a great player and has the records to back him. The allegations have not been proven and the so called victim wishes to stay out of it. I think you all should hope and pray you are never accused of something so the world can condemn you before you are even tried. Not to mention that the timing of the allegations is VERY suspcious for a case not brought up by the victim. You all have brains, use them. I have never been a Wrangler kind of girl but I think I will start now.

  • Pam Piper

    Sorry, I was not finished, I will buy my first pair of Wangler’s when, and only when, Wrangler stops this madness. This simply sends the message that their model or spokesperson is guilty or they are chicken. If they want the world to think this, great jog wrangler. Seriously, back your man. He has backed you.

  • Kevin Z

    boycott Wranglers just started in Wisconsin. A viral message has been sent out to 1.9 million members of the Brett Favre Fan club entitles: We don’t support companies that treat people as if they are guilty before any and I mean any evidence has been proven. The new Wrangler brand logo – Wrangler the brand that treats a text message allegation as if it were a crime. On a side note, I interview 36 women about the Favre allegations and 24 of them were upset, not at what Brett allegedly did, but because he didn’t text them. Does anyone understand that text messages and voice mails can be passed on from one person to another. Plus, it seems like the voice mails could have been about anything, including doing an interview.