Rams Kicker Josh Brown in Jackass 3D

By Aaron Kirn

If you’re a Rams fan, and/or like seeing grown men get hit the testicles in 3D, you might want to check out the new Jackass movie, which grossed a disgusting $50 million dollars in it’s opening weekend release. That’s because Jackass 3D has an unlikely St. Louis Rams connection.  Who, you ask?

This Guy!

Add Rams Kicker Josh Brown to the daredevil cast of Jackass.  “Some of the things they do are absolutely mind-blowing,” said Brown in an interview with 101 ESPN’s Brian Stull:

“There’s really no reason for any human being to do these things–but a lot of them are absolutely hilarious,” Brown laughed.  “I wasn’t the stuntman, but I was definitely the prop,” he shared.

Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t seen the movie yet, don’t read beyond this point.  Not that you couldn’t guess why the Jackass crew would bring in a professional NFL kicker anyway…  Here’s what Brown’s role is courtesy of Vanity Fair:

In a stunt called “The Field Goal,” current St. Louis Rams kicker Josh Brown kicks a football while Preston stands right in front of him.  The ball hits Preston in the face, temporarily knocking him out.

Under the new concussion rules, Preston would not have been allowed to reenter the game.  In Jackass 3D, he quickly returns so a pig can eat an apple out of his ass.

Since Josh Brown is a first time offender, he will not be subject to any NFL fines or suspensions!

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