Losing a Leader

By chesswhite

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Pro Bowl Linebacker and Defensive Captain DeMeco Ryans, who is a 5th year pro from the University of Alabama, was lost for the rest of season with a torn Achilles tendon in his right foot. This injury is going to seriously impact the Texans because Ryans is the guy who leads the troops into battle every Sunday. DeMeco gets guys fired up and holds them accountable when they are slacking. Luckily the Texan’s defense, which is ranked 31st overall, can’t get much worse. They were shredded by Kansas City even though they beat them. Without Ryans they are going to have trouble being so good against the run, but they may pick up their play against the pass a little bit depending on who replaces him. Stepping into Ryan’s place at middle linebacker will be either Zac Diles, Kevin Bentley or rookie Daryl Sharpton. Brian Cushing will stay at Strong Side Linebacker and Xavier Adibi could step into the Weak Side Linebacker position if Diles moves over to the middle. No matter what happens, its sad to see a great player like Ryans sidelined by such a serious injury.

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