Philadelphia Eagles Week 7 Postgame Thoughts: Eagles Play Flat; Suffer Humiliating Defeat

ARLINGTON, TX - OCTOBER 10: Wide receiver Kenny Britt  of the Tennessee Titans celebrates after the game against the Dallas Cowboys at Cowboys Stadium on October 10, 2010 in Arlington, Texas. The Titans won 34-27. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

- This loss was brutal. Embarrassing. Gutless. Disgusting. Miserable. The Eagles jumped out to a two-score lead and fell flat on their face for the rest of the game. They looked absolutely pathetic in the second half. Asante Samuel dropped an interception in the end zone. LeSean McCoy contributed his usual fumble, and this time, it completely changed the outcome of the game. Kevin Kolb’s final pass of the game was a complete joke, and not one Eagles player attempted to tackle Cortland Finnegan on his interception touchdown. 27 fourth quarter points. That’s mind-boggling.

- 10 penalties for 100 yards. Pathetic. I’m so sick of holding penalties. 40-yard pass interference penalties. False starts. Neutral zone infractions. This team shows a lack of discipline.

- Kenny Britt absolutely killed the Eagles. Imagine he had played the first quarter and a half of the game. Seven catches for 225 yards and three touchdowns. That’s pathetic. That’s completely embarrassing. Kenny Britt is not even close to being an elite receiver and he absolutely destroyed the Eagles. He outscored the entire Eagles’ team.

- Chris Johnson did nothing against us, and of course, it didn’t even matter. 24 carries for 66 yards. That’s borderline pathetic. Congrats to the Eagles’ defense, but it did nothing more for us than improve the overall defensive rankings.

- Riley Cooper was fantastic. I don’t want to call his 37-yard catch in the second quarter one of the best I’ve ever seen, but I’ve never really seen an offensive player come back across the middle to make a catch like that. Fittingly, he scored his first NFL touchdown on that drive.

- I have always been a big fan of Jorrick Calvin. His 41-yard kick return late in the third quarter was the longest kick return of his career, and it marked the second straight week that he had a return of at least 40 yards. He had me feeling pretty good until he basically cost us the game by fumbling on a punt with under four minutes left.

- Each kicker was absolutely fantastic on kickoffs. The Titans kneeled for a touchback after all five of Akers’ kickoffs, minus the squib kick at the end of the half. The Eagles kneeled for a touchback on five of Bironas’ seven kicks. I’ve never seen such good kicking on kickoffs in my whole life. This was essential for the Eagles because dangerous return man Marc Mariani never got an opportunity to torch the Eagles.

- I’m completely and totally pissed off about this game. This was humiliating. There are not a lot of games in which I am momentarily embarrassed to be a fan. This was one of them. Kevin Kolb can drag himself back to the bench because his playing time is done as long as Reid keeps starting Michael Vick. I’m so angry right now because the Eagles completely wasted an opportunity to jump to 5-2 and establish themselves as one of the elite teams in the NFC.

- The Philadelphia Eagles limp into the bye week with a 4-3 record. After the Colts beat them 44-17, they’ll be 4-4. This is an above average football team that doesn’t know how to win games. You can forget what I said about this team being the best in the NFC. No team in the NFC has impressed this season, but the Eagles definitely are not number one.

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  • Nate Sparks

    Hey Dude,
    Wow, I would agree with…oh maybe one thing! Our defensive secondary is slow and old. Maybe not in total years, but in playing quality. I thought Kolb’s game was acceptable. He made a couple bad decisions, but basically a decent game that should have been a stomping by the Eagles of the Titans. Our defensive secondary does, indeed, stink. They seem to always want to jump that routes and that’s fine IF you make the pick! When you don’t, kids like Britt turn around and score on you. They do need more discipline, but at this point I honestly think we need to be shopping for YOUTH, SPEED, and HEIGHT at both corners. Asante manages to pick a lot, but he also gets beat a LOT! The rest of the team, I thought, played a good game. Solid on all sides, the run defense is certainly stout and the offense scored points, enough to win, had the secondary done ANYTHING to stop ONE GUY! I mean….come on folks! The Colts will eat this secondary alive unless changes are made fast and I mean new personnel!