Chargers can't make a run this season

By ericschmidt

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After week 7, the San Diego Chargers can not make a run at the playoffs this year. After digging themselves into a serious hole in the AFC West, they sealed their fate on Sunday against the New England Patriots. San Diego Chargers QB Philip Rivers is throwing the ball all over the field, but the Chargers are giving the ball up just as fast.

The Chargers entered this weekend as the team which was rated first overall in both offense and defense, but had a 2-4 record and now leave their home contest against the New England Patriots with a 2-5 record and no serious thoughts of reaching the playoffs.

Yes, The Norv Turner led Chargers have had season long winning streaks in past years, but, that isn’t going to happen this year. Norv Turner and A.J. Smith should both be fired at the end of the season. The Chargers are letting the clock run out on their opportunity to reach the Super Bowl.

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