Hall "Ahead of the Curve"

By ericgoodman


It was a scary feeling on Sunday, watching rookie Max Hall struggle against the Seahawk defense, and then seeing him get his world rocked on a hard sack.  Not only did he go down and lose the football (which is becoming an untimely habit of his), Max Hall left with the new deadly word in the NFL – a concussion.  Due to the precautions that have been put in place by every NFL team, Hall was immediately sat down (although I doubt he could have played anyway, he said he was “woozy” and a little confused).  Head coach Ken Whisenhunt said in the post game news conference that barring an injury, Max Hall is still the starting quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals.

Luckily for Arizona Cardinals fans, we do not have to guess which quarterback will be starting this Sunday against the 4-2 (and the “best” team in the NFC according to their coach) Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Hall passed all of his post-concussion tests yesterday and will practice with the team today.  Barring any kind of head hit or setback, which Ken Whisenhunt surely will NOT allow, Hall will be on the field with the starting group.

I love the faith that coach Whisenhunt is placing in the undrafted rookie, saying that Hall is “ahead of the curve, in my opinion, as a rookie quarterback in a number of things”.  He also stated that although the rookie struggled, the Cardinals will not drastically change the offense.  He believes that spreading the field and creating mismatches with their sets will be very helpful to the success of the team.  He also believes that Hall can handle it.  “We feel comfortable enough with Max to think we can still do some of those things.” 

However, after this past game in Seattle, he will be toning the formations and the packages down a bit.   Even though the Cardinals have two fantastic running backs and a rookie QB, the team and the coach believe in the system and the Cardinals will not run the ball an excessive amount.  Larry Fitzgerald voiced his opinion, “That’s not the kind of team we are.”  I hope that we do commit more to the run and put Hall in a position to succeed, maybe with more tight ends in packages to slow down pass rushers to keep them from landing huge shots on him.  But i trust in the Whiz and come Sunday, we’ll all see what kind of team the Cardinals are.

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