If not the Bucs, than Who?

By johnnycrosskey

Bucs head coach Raheem Morris said that his team was the best in the NFC and we all laughed. And scoffed. And a handful of people said that he was saying this to motivate his team. The statement was controversial because the Bucs barely defeated the emerging St. Louis Rams (who the Detroit Lions beat 44-6) and were destroyed by the Pittsburgh Steelers and New Orleans Saints. However, all those people who laughed at Coach Morris, myself included, should be ready with a suggestion of who is the best team in the NFC. Mine (for this week) is the New York Giants.

The Giants looked lost three weeks into the season, losing to the Indianapolis Colts and the Tennessee Titans by a combined  67-24. Since then, they have four straight victories and are knocking out one quarterback per game. Defensive Coordinator Perry Fewell has his unit playing on fire, giving up 177.9 passing yards and 85.4 yards rushing yards per game, second and third in the NFL, respectively. They also have 24 sacks this season. They also have it rolling offensively with a running game that ranks fourth in the NFL with 145.4 yards per game.

Let me make it clear that the Giants are my top team in the NFC right now. They play the improving Seattle Seahawks on Sunday and the Bucs play the Atlanta Falcons on November 7th. So things can change quickly. Also, it’s not that the Bucs are far from being the best. With a 4-2 record, they are in the hunt, but you can’t win the first heat and claim that you are a gold medalist.

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