Packers vs Jets: Matchups

By johnclaude

Jrlombardi previews Packers vs Jets matchups.

Packers CBs Woodson, Williams, and Shields vs. Jets WRs Edwards, Holmes, and Cotchery: The Packers coverage corps faces interesting matchups against Edwards, Jets’ No. 1 receiver, and speedier Holmes. Edwards is having a good year. Holmes is coming on strong after his brief suspension.

Packers WRs Jennings, Driver, and Jones vs. Jets CBs Revis and Cromartie: CB Revis is healthy and motivated in a big game for both teams. Revis may face WR Driver in the slot or super fast WR Jennings. CB Cromartie will face the secondary receivers. If Jennings and Driver are shut down by the Jets’ solid corner tandem, WR Jones will be QB Rodgers’ target. “We pride ourselves on saying we’re one of the best (receiving) groups in the league. It’s time to show it now,” Jones said. “It’s man on man, them versus us, and we’ve got to go out there and make plays.”

Packers OLB Matthews vs. Jets RT Woody and LT Ferguson: Packers will target veteran RT Woody or LT Ferguson using NFL sacks leader OLB Matthews. The flexibility of rookie OLB Zombo to play both outside linebacker spots could pit Matthews from time to time against the athletic Ferguson.

Packers’ strong safeties and LB corps vs. Jets TE Keller: TE Keller is a dangerous offensive weapon for the Jets leading them in both receptions and touchdowns. Green Bay’s situation at strong safety could improve with the return of former starter Atari Bigby in Sunday’s game. If not, Keller will be matched against strong safety Peprah and/or Smith on Sunday. As for the Packers’ LB corps, LBs Hawk, Bishop, and Chillar will cover Keller on some situations.

Packers NT Raji vs. Jets C Mangold: The center of both teams’ lines will be an interesting matchup. Raji has been an unsung pillar of strength on the nose this season. Raji faces one of the best centers in the game. Center Mangold can dominate and reach the second level fast.

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