Randy Moss to St. Louis?

By Aaron Kirn

[picappgallerysingle id=”9941472″]Less than one month after acquiring him in a trade with New England, the Minnesota Vikings will shockingly release Randy Moss.  At least that’s what  Coach Brad Childress informed the team early Monday afternoon.   Alex Marvex of foxports.com has more on Moss, including his contraversial press conference following Sunday’s loss to New England, and locker room reaction after Childress addressed his team.  All that’s well and good, but I’m looking ahead.

If Randy Moss is indeed cut, the NFL waiver claim order for teams to potentially claim him goes in order by record from worst to first.  Currently, the St. Louis Rams are 13th on that list and last I checked, their receiving core is pretty banged up, and Sam Bradford could definitely use a deep threat down field like Moss to open things up offensively.  On Monday’s 5:00 PM Sports Center, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen said it was “unlikely” any of the first 12 teams able to claim Randy Moss actually would.

“I would say the Rams would be interesting,” Mort added.  “They’ve lost their three best receivers (Avery, Clayton, and Alexander), they tried to trade for Vincent Jackson, Sam Bradford is alive and well as an offensive rookie of the year candidate, and they’re 4-4 and in the race in the NFC West.”

Moss would be owed close to 3.5 million dollars this year, and if he’s waived by Minnesota and if St. Louis has a shot to claim him, it will definitely be interesting to see what they decide.

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