Arizona Cardinals High Flyer of the Week

By ericgoodman

Week 8 of the NFL season proved to be a disappointing one for the Cardinals.  However, one bird was able to provide a personal highlight reel in a heartbreaking loss.  On his return from injury, Steve Breaston was able to significantly impact the game.  He is our Arizona Cardinal high flyer of the week.  Breaston managed to grab 8 balls for 147 yards, and seemed to come up with the big catch every time we needed one.  Even though Fitz caught 7 balls (2 for touchdowns), the big play threat that the Cardinals have been missing all season was there as soon as Breaston took the field. 

It seemed as if his presence alone opened up the passing game, allowing Larry Fitzgerald and Early Doucet to run more freely.  Breaston even had a run on a reverse that went for a big gain and a first down.  Altogether, he accounted for seven Arizona first downs.  He was the reason why the Cardinals offense was working the way it was.  He did drop a touchdown pass, however, but it was not intended to go to him as it bounced off of an offensive lineman’s head.

If it had not been for the terrible interception late in the game, Derek Anderson would have had strong consideration for the Cardinals High Flyer of the Week.  He came into the game and gave the Cardinals the boost that they needed, mounting a comeback and taking the lead before the defense gave up yet another big play to the Buccaneers.

I am so glad that Steve Breaston is back on the field for the Cardinals.  After this next week of practice, whoever is taking the snaps as the number one quarterback will have more reps with a full receiving cast, and our offense can only get better.  Hopefully Beanie Wells is recovering from his back injury suffered on Sunday (he was out for the remainder of the game and the injury rosters have not yet been updated).  I will keep you updated as to the severity of his injury.  If he is able to go, the Cardinals look to have a complete and healthy starting offensive staff for the first time this season.  Watch out Minnesota, here come the Cardinals, and they are NOT happy.

By the way, check out Steve Breaston’s poetry at  I am sure you’ll be impressed by this player and wordsmith.

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