Election Day Message to Chiefs: Just Say No to Randy Moss

By james.adkins


[picappgallerysingle id=”10099612″]Sure, the message was made famous almost 30 years ago by President Ronald Reagan’s wife Nancy, but since Randy Moss finally hit waivers on election day, it seemed fitting to send a political message to the Chiefs on the topic.

Don’t get me wrong, Moss is one of the best receivers to ever play in the NFL. That is not in question.

However, he would be the best receiver to ever play the game if he actually put forth a full effort a la Jerry Rice all these years. The guy is a cancer. He has a split personality that wants to paint himself as a down home guy who wants to go fishing one minute, and the next minute he’s criticizing his head coach’s playcalling abilities and in full-on diva mode.

If you’re a Chiefs fan and you’re daydreaming about Moss lining up across from Dwayne Bowe on Sunday against the Raiders, just wake up now.

The Chiefs have something going right now. They have a great core of young players, perhaps the best in the league, who work hard and get things done the right way everyday. Can you imagine throwing Moss into that mix? Talk about oil and water, it would be a catastrophe for a team that has worked so hard to get to 5-2 to add a guy who could undermind the whole operation simply by being himself.

The guy made a scene about a caterer’s food after the Vikings Friday practice for pete’s sake. So much so that his former teammates thought he was being a complete ass and was out of line.

Can you imagine if Moss came to Kansas City and was eating Gates barbeque after practice and started telling everyone how bad it was and how he wouldn’t even feed it to his dog?

Moss doesn’t belong in Kansas City. He doesn’t fit the formula.

I don’t care if he played under Pioli while he was in New England, it doesn’t matter. If coach Todd Haley benched Derrick Johnson and Jamaal Charles last year because of lack of effort, can you imagine what he’d do when Moss would run one of his patented “jog” routes or didn’t lay a hand on the corner on a run play?

Forget about it Chiefs fans, the Chiefs will just say “no” to Moss should he make it to them in the waivers process. If they do claim him, they may as well re-sign Larry Johnson  as well…after all, I hear he’s looking for a job too.

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