Rams Pass On Randy Moss

By Aaron Kirn

Despite a beat up receiving group, the St. Louis Rams decided the talented wide out wasn’t worth the trouble, and didn’t put a claim in for WR Randy Moss.  They weren’t alone.  20 other teams passed on Randy before he was claimed by the Tennessee Titans.

In fact, Tennessee was the only team to put a claim in for Randy Moss.

No Moss,  No Problem for St. Louis.  Steven Jackson said, “We’re not going to lose any sleep over it.”

Was the character issue part of that consideration?

“It all goes into it,” Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo said earlier Wednesday. “We factor everything. We do that with every guy we talk about adding to the team.”

Said general manager Billy Daveny:  “I can’t go into everything, I can say this: We spent the last three days . . . that’s all we’ve been doing, researching this. We just came to the conclusion a couple of hours ago . . . this is the direction we’re going to go in.

“We were tempted because of the talent level . . . (But) we’ve won a couple of games with this group of receivers. They do a lot of the grunt work. They help Steven Jackson in the run game. Sam Bradford is comfortable with them.”

That was a nice way of putting it.  Of course the Rams would welcome the talent level Randy would bring. Let’s not kid ourselves.  The character issue had a lot to do with the Rams passing on Moss.  Of course, his salary isn’t cheap either and at 33 he isn’t what he once was.  I’m sure that was also a part of the decision, but it’s obvious for the Rams–and all the other teams–(excluding Tennessee) the off-the-field risks, weren’t worth the on-the-field rewards.  I guess we’ll let the Titans be the judge of that.

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