Can the Detroit Lions upset the New York Jets?

By ericschmidt

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Can the Detroit Lions upset the New York Jets this Sunday. Well in the 2010 NFL season, just about anything is possible. The New York Jets are coming off a home shutout loss to the Green Bay Packers, last week. Last week, the Detroit Lions were a surprising home favorite against the Washington Redskins, but the New York Jets team is a different kind of animal and the Lions are now home underdogs this week.

Detroit enters the game averaging 37 points at home, and keeping up with that average against the New York Jets defense will be very difficult this week. However, a do see some things about this matchup that I think gives the Lions some home here.

Detroit is going to have some problems running the ball against the Jets, which rank fourth in the league against the run, giving up an average of 88.7 yards per game. Detroit can’t abandon the run too early though. The Jets entered the 2010 season with a vaunted defense and at the mid-way point of the season, they are statistically ranked sixth overall. However, they only have generated five interceptions and 15 sacks so far this season. Detroit on the other hand has been very good with the pass rush on defense, recording 23 sacks and actually have more interceptions than the New York Jets, with 8.

The key for the Jets offense earlier in the season was a strong running game with Shonn Greene and LaDainian Tomlinson running hard and very solid play from the second year quarterback, Mark Sanchez. Sanchez’s strong play has dropped off the past two games, while throwing four interceptions in those games after not throwing a single pick in the Jets first five games. Sanchez appeared rusty last week at home, coming off a bye week against a Packers defense which has been ravaged by injuries. If Detroit can continue to generate the pass rush they’ve had this season, Sanchez can be forced into creating turnovers for the Lions.

The biggest task facing the Lions defense will be stopping the running game of the New York Jets, and while run defense hasn’t been the strong suit for the Lions this season, I believe it will be the key to the game for the Lions.

The other issue regarding this game coming from a wagering standpoint, home underdogs this season have covered over 60% of the time this season. I will refrain from making a prediction until later in the week, however, I don’t believe that this game is going to be as one-sided as many might think.

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