Objective: Stop Adrian Peterson

By ericgoodman

The Cardinals have landed in Minnesota, along with all of our dreams and hopes for the season.  If the Cardinals can put together a win tomorrow, with them returns all of our dreams, fulfilled once again.  If not, leave our hopes in Minnesota. Leave them there for Brett Favre.

The overall series between these two teams is 12-10 in favor of the Vikings.  They also have a record of 6-4 against the Cards at home.  Last year, the Cardinals won 30-17 at home.  Last time they played in Minnesota, the Vikings won 31-26.  However the past is just that: the past.  Tomorrow will be about preparation and who wants it more.

Turnovers, turnovers and turnovers are the talk of the week.  Being that the Cardinals are at a 99% health rate (the only Cardinal not suiting up tomorrow will be Clark Haggans), practice was concentrated on executing the offense.  Mistake free.  Hopefully Derek Anderson benefits from a full week with his starters.  Just don’t call a passing play with the game on the line.

Our playmakers should step up tomorrow.  Steve Breaston will again open the field up for Larry Fitzgerald, who will put on a show in front of his hometown.  Make no mistake about it, Fitzgerald is from Minnesota, but he plays for Arizona.

Of course, the Cardinals will need to look toward their defense for a win.  So far this season, the defense has as many touchdowns (5) as passing or running the ball.  They should look to take advantage of a Minnesota offense that isn’t clicking on all cylinders.  If Percy Harvin can go, he MUST be accounted for.  However, the main objective will be to stop Adrian Peterson.

Whisenhunt said that Gerald Hayes will be instrumental in helping our defense achieve this goal tomorrow.  He will be tracking Peterson’s every move, and will look to stop him every time he hits a hole.

Given what coach Ken Whisenhunt has said all week, the Cardinals should be focused and ready to go tomorrow.  With most of Vikings players just returning from injuries or banged up, the Cardinals will have a physical advantage.  This especially refers to a hobbling Brett Favre, who will be doing his best to stay on his feet Sunday with the birds coming at him.  Arizona should also have a mental advantage.

All week, the Cardinals have been cool, calm and collected.  They are working out the kinks, and still seem to have an upbeat locker room.  The Vikings, on the other hand, seem to be the opposite.  With their backs against the wall, a divided locker room and an even more divided head-coaching situation, Minnesota is in turmoil.  We will see tomorrow if that has any affect on their play.

Hold your breath until tomorrow, Cardinals fans.  Again, Charlie Whitehurst will be starting for the Seahawks against the New York Giants, so that bodes well for the Cardinals.  With St. Louis going to San Francisco, they should have a hard time getting a win.  The NFC West will be taking a beating this week, but hopefully the Cardinals can come up on top (or close to it).

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