Dolphins coach claims to have evidence of spit incident between McClain and Crowder

By Dan Parzych

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As if Sunday’s 26-10 loss wasn’t frustrating enough for the Miami Dolphins, linebacker Channing Crowder had to deal with a separate incident to make even more upset. Crowder claims Baltimore Ravens fullback Le’Ron McClain spit in his face during the game after the two went at it in the third quarter.

“Le’Ron McClain spit in my face,” he said. “That’s some real [expletive], so if you talk to him tell him he’s a [expletive] and if he ever comes to Miami he’s got to see me. … That’s the first time I’ve ever been spit in my face in my life, and that’s the worst thing you can do to a man as another man, spit in somebody’s face. Why would you do that? Because you’re scared of me? So you’re going to spit on me and walk away like he did — spit real fast, walk away and let your team protect you? That’s what he did.”

When asked about the incident, McClain said, “We got a little head-butting … but no spit. That ain’t my game.” However, an interesting post by ESPN’s Chris Mortensen on his Twitter account could make this incident more interesting.

“Tony Sparano tells media he has evidence of Le’Ron McClain spitting on LB Channing Crowder & plans to prove it to NFL.”

Crowder and McClain went at each other during the third quarter of Sunday’s game, but neither player was penalized for the incident. It should be interesting to see what type of evidence Sparano has and if he can make a case for Crowder to the league. Keep an eye out for more on this story during the week.

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