Chicago Bears Midweek Thoughts

By Joshua Casey

Despite the magnitude of Sunday’s contest, it doesn’t feel like there’s much hype to this game.

Perhaps it has to do with Brad Childress’ status with the organization or Brett Favre’s seemingly indestructible body, but there are a lot of side bars entering this contest.

According to most experts, Childress is a lame duck coach that’s job was saved with last week’s comeback against Arizona. Regardless of all of this, the Vikings to a man feel that this is a d0-or-die game if the Vikings are to get back into the race.

On the Chicago Bears sideline, they need to make a statement. While winning at Buffalo was expected, this team has played poor at home against two beatable opponents. The Vikings are more talented than the Seahawks or Redskins, and with their backs to the wall, will come out swinging.

Can the Bears handle this urgency? Will the Bears have answers for the Vikings weapons? The odds makers don’t think so favoring the Vikings by the point.

I’ll give you my prediction later this week, but I’m thinking the Chicago Bears will be ready to play.

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