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By wellerross

I haven’t written anything this week, which is due in part to me having a busy week but also because nothing overly-exciting has happened in the Colts world this week. There have been some players promoted from the practice squad to the active roster and some additions to the practice spot to fill those vacancies and there have been some reiterations of things we already knew on the injury front but that’s about it. I’ll address all of that in another post.

This is a new post I thought I would implement this week. Now that we’re eight games into the season I think it’s time to start looking at how other games impact the Colts. This was partially inspired by 18 to 88’s ‘Who to Root For‘ weekly post, but also because I always do this at about this time of year anyway.

Who I hope will win each and every game this week after the jump.

Ravens @ Falcons: This game just finished up, but the good news is that the Falcons won and that’s who we should have been rooting for anyhow. The Ravens were a game ahead of us, which could impact playoff seeding down the road.

Vikings @ Bears: The Colts don’t have either of these teams on their schedule, so this game doesn’t have an impact at all on our playoff chances or seeding. I’ll be pulling for the Vikings though, for no real reason at all other than it makes the NFC playoff race more interesting.

Jets @ Browns: This one is fairly obvious. We want the Browns to win, because it could very well impact the Colts playoff seed in January.

Panthers @ Buccaneers: This is another game that doesn’t impact the Colts at all but I find myself cheering for the Panthers a lot and I have an inexplicable, unfounded dislike for the Bucs, so I’ll be hoping Carolina comes out on top.

Texans @ Jaguars: Both of these teams are 4-4, their both division rivals of the Colts and both are 1-1 in the division. The Jaguars still technically have the head-to-head tiebreaker over the Colts (though I fully expect us to beat them in Lucas Oil Stadium on December 19. On the other hand, I feel like the Texans are more likely to put a playoff run together and threaten the Colts for the division title or a wild card spot. So this is really a coin flip on who you should be rooting for, so just root for whichever team you want to root for.

Bengals @ Colts: The Colts winning typically helps the Colts, so go ahead and pull for them in this one.

Titans @ Dolphins: We’re tied for the division lead with the Titans right now and them losing to the Dolphins would really help us out with that little predicament. Go Miami.

Chiefs @ Broncos: I like the Chiefs a whole lot more than the Broncos, but speaking strictly as a Colts fan, having the Broncos win this game would help because the Chiefs currently have the same record as us which gives them the more of a likelihood of pulling ahead of us to get a higher seed in the playoffs or steal a wild card from us in the circumstance that they and we fail to win our respective divisions.

Cowboys @ Giants: The outcome of this game likely won’t impact the Colts at all, because we beat the Giants and will likely do the same to the Cowboys. The Giants are going to win this game. The Cowboys are terrible. It always feels better to root for the team that wins, plus I like to support Peyton’s little brother. Go Giants.

Seahawks @ Cardinals: Yet another NFC matchup that has no bearing on the Colts. Again, I’ll say the Cardinals but only because it makes the NFC race more interesting.

Rams @ 49ers: Back-to-back NFC West games that won’t impact the Colts. Using the same logic as before, if the Niners and Cardinals win there will be a three way tie for the top spot in that division. I really do enjoy the 49ers struggles though with how much hype they had coming into the season. So in a surprise twist, go Rams.

Patriots @ Steelers: These two have the same record, so no matter which team wins it will be equally as difficult for the Colts to chase down that top spot in the AFC, but technically if the Patriots win, we can still beat them next week and have the head-to-head tiebreaker with them, so from that angle I would say to go with them, but I would never ever suggest cheering for the Patriots unless it was the last game of the season and the Colts making the playoffs required a New England win, and as that isn’t the case here, root for the Steelers.

Eagles @ Redskins: We lost to the Eagles and beat the Redskins, no matter which team wins it will have the same effect on our strength of schedule, but it helps our strength of victory more if the Redskins win. Go Redskins.

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