Is the Media Too Hard on Braylon Edwards?

By nickspano

Jets WR Braylon Edwards’ name comes up in the media a lot, and most of the times, its for a bit of overreaction, whether its his comments after a game taken out of context by a local beat writer, or his past with Cleveland being blown up.

Either way, Edwards finds himself a focal point of the New York media spotlight and for the wrong reasons. Edwards was arrested this past September for a DUI in the early hours of the morning in New York City. By 5 am, the local media was all over the story.

Some reports said the Jets were going to release the wide receiver, which in turn lead to a nationwide witch trial and everyone had their own opinion of what the Jets should do to punish Edwards, although clearly stated in the NFL’s CBA, the league couldn’t take action on Edwards, unless tried in court.

Local and nationwide sports media published different articles, talk shows led with the story, and in turn, the Jets decided to bench Edwards for one quarter in the teams game against Miami that week, I’m sure you know, people weren’t happy with the decision and many said the Jets let Edwards off to easy.

Sure, Edwards was wrong and he was punished for it, and will have his day in court, which wont happen until January after Edwards was granted an extension from a New York City Judge this past Monday, but again, I believe Edwards is being unfairly treated by many.

Braylon Edwards is putting together a great season on the field for the Jets, he leads the Jets in receiving yards with 453 yards, and tied in receiving TD’s (5) with TE Dustin Keller, Edwards on-field is praised by many for being a great run blocker, and off the field, a great teammate.

This past week, a local beat writer, published a story in which Edwards spoke of unproven QB’s in the NFL saying quarterbacks in the NFL who are unproven could not be critical of receivers dropping passes or running the wrong route unless you’re ” the Peyton Manning’s of the world.”

The media took that wrong, due in part to a little piece in the article where the writer mentioned QB Mark Sanchez’s name, meanwhile no where in Edwards comments did he even mention Mark Sanchez, leading to the media questioning Edwards, and in turn, Edwards publicly stated he was NOT talking specifically about Sanchez.

Now this week, which gets to me the most. Braylon Edwards, as you know, was traded from the Cleveland Browns to the Jets last October, in a move which didn’t suprise many. Most of Cleveland felt it was time for the talented, but “troubled’ Edwards, to take his talents elsewhere.

AGAIN, the local media is blowing up this game, whether it be for the coaches familiarity with each other, or the fact that Edwards, like ANY athlete playing his former team, has an extra chip on his shoulder. I’ve heard some unwarranted comments such as ” I expect Edwards to make a boneheaded penalty” or “watch for dropped balls, or unsportsmanlike conduct flags on the ticking WR.”

Those comments alone, personally warranted this article, as I feel Edwards, has done nothing this week but practiced, stayed quiet, and stayed out of the news on his part, except for the media stirring up something that isn’t there. I expect Edwards to have a chip on his shoulder, or want this game more then others, any COMPETITOR would feel the same way.

Last week, players such as Bart Scott, David Harris, Vernon Gholston, and were all praised for returning to their home town and were anointed team captains that week. Now of course I’m not blaming any reporter specifically, I just feel as if Edwards is being unfairly judged, for no reason, and I also expect Rex Ryan to make him a captain this week, along with ex-Brown Brodney Pool. I for one, am rooting extra hard for Edwards this week.

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