With Michael Vick Leading the New Greatest Show On Turf, Expectations Are Super

By Bryn Swartz

I am just as blown away by the Philadelphia Eagles’ performance as the rest of the football world. I literally don’t even know what to think.

Michael Vick played the greatest game I have ever seen an NFL player play. I honestly mean that. If the Eagles kept him in for the entire game, and they kept going 100 percent, I think he would have had eight or nine total touchdowns.

Steve Young and Trent Dilfer didn’t even know what to say in their postgame review. Young said the Eagles are absolutely unstoppable, even more dangerous than the Greatest Show On Turf.

I don’t think it’s not too early to start talking Super Bowl. How could it be? Vick hasn’t lost this season. He hasn’t done anything wrong.

The offense has scored 148 points in four games with Vick at the helm. That’s 37 points a game.

The defense is improving and newcomers are emerging every week.

More importantly, the entire team is relaxed and loose right now. I believe that one of the reasons head coach Andy Reid kept Vick in for the entire game was because the Eagles were having so much fun.

The Eagles are 6-3, but with Michael Vick, they’re a completely different team. They’re the equivalent of an 8-1 team with Vick. Maybe better.

I don’t think there is a single team in the NFL who wants to play the Philadelphia Eagles right now. I officially have Super Bowl expectations.

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