Predictions for Week 10

By wellerross

I apparently just had this sitting in the “drafts” without ever actually clicking the “publish” button. I realize that it serves not purpose now, but for the sake of keeping my picks going so that I can have an overall season record on my predictions I’m going to go ahead and click that button. Though I am going to take out the analysis for each game, because with the games having already been played, it just takes up space.

I had some ups and downs with last week’s pick, getting the Browns upset of the Patriots correct, but getting the Colts game wrong against the Eagles. Overall I went 8-5 last week, bring my season total to 71-59, which I’m not too disappointed by, but certainly has room for improvement.

Ravens @ Falcons: Falcons win 21-20.

Lions @ Bills: Bills win 17-13.

Vikings @ Bears: Vikings win 17-14.

Jets @ Browns: Jets win 27-17.

Panthers @ Buccaneers: Panthers win 20-17.

Texans @ Jaguars: Jags win 24-21.

Bengals @ Colts: Colts win 28-13.

Titans @ Dolphins: Dolphins win 24-20.

Chiefs @ Broncos: Chiefs win 17-14.

Cowboys @ Giants: Giants win 34-13.

Seahawks @ Cardinals: Cards win 13-10.

Rams @ 49ers: Rams win 27-17.

Patriots @ Steelers: Steelers win 24-13.

Eagles @ Redskins: Eagles win 28-24.

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