Eagles Michael Vick likely to become a very wealthy man again

By ericschmidt

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Throughout this season, there has been all sorts of speculation as to the future of Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick and where he will be next season, one thing is certain though, Michael Vick is set to become a very wealthy man once again.

Vick’s resurgence on the field has been nothing less than impressive. After Monday night’s performance, you have to say that he is playing the best football of his career. In an interview with Jim Mora on the NFL Network earlier this season, Vick admitted when he was with the Atlanta Falcons, he never watched any tape, he did just enough during the week to get by until Sunday to play in the games. Could you imagine where Vick would rank as an NFL quarterback now, if he had been so dedicated at a younger age?

Patrick Rishe of Forbes magazine wrote an article this morning outlining the potential money Vick seems poised to make when he signs a new contract next season. After comparing Vick to other quarterbacks in the league, Rishe estimates that the minimum Vick should receive is 13 million a year.

Which brings me to my next point, what happens to Vick in 2011. After 9 games this season, it appears that the Philadelphia Eagles would be very foolish to let Vick leave as a free agent, especially if Vick guides them deep into the playoffs this season.

Of course the NFL and the Players Union have not ratified a new collective bargaining agreement yet, so there is no idea what the salary cap might be moving forward and that will be critical for the Eagles since they do have Kevin Kolb under contract and would the Eagles be willing to commit perhaps 20 million combined to two quarterbacks?

I think the course of action for the Eagles should be first to sign Vick to a deal before this season is over. In the off season, trade Kevin Kolb and continue to develop Mike Kafka. Sign a veteran for a back-up to Vick such as veteran Matt Hasselbeck, who is familiar with running a west coast style offense.

Philadelphia would look very foolish to let Vick get away after the season he’s having.

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