Toler Out? Dockett Recovering

By ericgoodman

Michael Adams may very well be the starting cornerback for the Arizona Cardinals come this Sunday.  After being able to participate lightly in practice Wednesday, Greg Toler sat through practice today.  He has a left foot injury, and if he can’t go, Adams will have to step up and take his place.

Coach Whisenhunt said that his injury isn’t serious and they will have to wait and see.  Hopefully, Toler will be able to go. Despite being burnt on several plays last week, Toler is most definitely the second best corner on this team.  

Michael Adams is no slouch; I think we all remember the hit he put on Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers last year that sent the Cardinals into the second round of the playoffs.  However, Adams is a liability in coverage and is not nearly the physical presence that Toler is.

Adams has been with the Cardinals all four years of his career, and he makes a good living as a third corner and a situational blitzer.  He has good game instincts and has the ability to make dynamic plays on the ball. 

However, as I said before, he is a liability in coverage.  At 5-8, 181 pounds, Adams will need all the help he can get against the likes of big receivers Dwayne Bowe and Chris Chambers.  Don’t sleep on little man Dexter McCluster either.  He will burn anyone covering him given the chance.

Adams will also need help from the rest of the team bringing down the top rushing combo in the league, Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones.  Both are playing at the top of their game and will need to be contained to have the chance at a win.

That is where Dockett comes in.  Arizona needs him to anchor the offensive line and give them the push inside that they need.  With only three down lineman, those three need to have a big game, especially against the running game of Kansas City.

We need Dockett to be able to play and have a big game.  With him playing well, the rest of the Cardinals defensive line seems to respond.

Either way, no matter who is in there on game day, the Cardinals need to respond.  Coach Ken Whisenhunt needs to come up with a fantastic game plan to beat a team that is playing better, more physical football than the Cardinals at the moment. 

Not to mention, Kansas City head coach Todd Haley knows Whisenhunt’s playbook inside and out.  He was just the offensive coordinator for Arizona’s Super Bowl team and Whisenhunt’s right hand man, for those who neglect to remember.

For those of us that need a reminder of the good ol’ days (last year) here’s a video to spark your interest :0 Cardinals vs. Packers  This helped me get through the week.

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