What Colts Fans Want (Week 11)

By wellerross

I started this last week and will be continuing it through the rest of the season. I see no reason not to just dive right in:

Bears @ Dolphins: Bears – We want Chicago to win this one because while we’re a game ahead of the Dolphins, it’s still too close for comfort, and with the Dolphins already having losses to both the Jets and Patriots, the more they lose the more it will hurt the Jets and Pats strength of victory rating.

Bills @ Bengals: Bengals – We beat the Bengals. Them winning helps our strength of victory, plus the Bills losing hurts the Jets and Pats strength of victory.

Lions @ Cowboys: Cowboys – Assuming we beat the Cowboys (and considering how poorly they’ve played this year and the fact that we get them in Indy, I think we will) in Week 13 them having more wins will help our strength of victory than if the Lions win.

Redskins @ Titans: Redskins – The Titans are still on our heals in the division. This is an easy call.

Cardinals @ Chiefs: Cardinals – The Chiefs are still only one game behind us. They could potentially end up knocking us down a seed or getting a wild card bid instead of us if they close out the season strong enough to jump ahead of us and the Cardinals pose no threat to us on any level.

Packers @ Vikings: Vikings – This game doesn’t impact us, but if the Vikings win, it’ll make the NFC playoff race closer, which makes for better football, which is a good thing.

Texans @ Jets: Texans – The Texans are only two games behind us in the division, but the Jets are still a game ahead of us in the conference. I really don’t see the Texans catching us at this point. They’ve fallen all the way back to dead last in the division, and the Jets need to slip up at some point if we plan on getting the 1-seed in the AFC.

Raiders @ Steelers: Raiders – We’re even with the Steelers right now, and we don’t play them this year so there is not head-to-head tiebreaker to fall back on, so while Oakland is only one game behind us, I’d rather them both be one game behind us than tied with one of them and two games ahead of the other.

Ravens @ Panthers: Panthers – We’re also even with the Ravens and the Panthers don’t impact us in the slightest. So if there was ever a time for the Panthers to pull off a crazy upset, I hope this is it.

Browns @ Jaguars: Browns – The Jags have found their way back into the mix, only one game behind us and tied with the Titans. The Browns have improved a lot lately -beating the Saints and Patriots and then taking the Jets into overtime- so I think they have a good shot to upset the Jags.

Buccaneers @ 49ers: 49ers – This game doesn’t impact us, but like with the Vikings and Packers, I think a Niners victory would make the NFC playoff picture a little more interesting.

Seahawks @ Saints: Saints – I really just don’t think the Seahawks deserve to win the NFC West and a win in this game would probably lead to that happening. Plus their horrible on the road and it’s always more fun to cheer for the winning team.

Falcons @ Rams: Rams – This game doesn’t impact us, but the Rams winning would make things more interesting for the NFC, just like the 49ers and Vikings.

Colts @ Patriots: Colts – As you already know, my favorite team in the NFL is the Colts. What you might not know is that my second favorite team is whoever happens to be playing against the Patriots. Fortunately for me, this week those two things overlap so the Colts are my favorite and second-favorite team. I truly do love the Colts and I truly hate the Patriots. Nothing would make me happier this weekend than to have the Colts win this game.

Giants @ Eagles: Giants – We beat the Giants. We lost to the Eagles. The Giants winning helps our strength of victory.

Broncos @ Chargers: Broncos – The Chargers are starting to climb back into the playoff picture and are now only one game back in their division, and I really don’t want to see them make the playoffs. Losing at home to an opponent within their own division would help make sure they won’t be playing after January 2.

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