The New York Giants' Defense Has KO'd Five Quarterbacks This Season; Could Michael Vick Be Number Six?

By Bryn Swartz

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In the first game of the season, the Giants beat the Carolina Panthers 31-18, knocking quarterback Matt Moore out of the game in the process.

In the fourth game, the Giants beat the Chicago Bears 17-3, knocking out quarterbacks Jay Cutler and Todd Collins.

In the sixth game, the Giants beat the Detroit Lions 28-20, knocking out backup quarterback Shaun Hill, who was playing for the injured Matthew Stafford.

And in the seventh game, the Giants beat the Cowboys 41-35, knocking out quarterback Tony Romo with a broken clavicle.

In all, the Giants’ defense has knocked out five quarterbacks this season. The Giants won all four of those games.

On Sunday Night, the Eagles will host the 6-3 Giants. Quarterback Michael Vick has been playing like the most dangerous player in the NFL and is the favorite for the Most Valuable Player award.

But Vick’s health is a major concern. In the fourth game of the season, Vick was injured on a 23-yard run against the Washington Redskins. As he was fighting for extra yardage near the goal line, Vick took a shot to the ribs, which caused him to miss the next three starts.

He has been healthy for the two games since, but his playing style makes him extremely susceptible to injuries.

He hasn’t changed his playing style too much since his injury. Yes, he’s stepped out of bounds a few times to avoid taking a hit, but I haven’t seen anything out of the ordinary.

He’s incredibly fast, but the Giants’ defense is pretty quick also. If Vick takes a shot or two at the wrong time, it’s not going to be good for Eagles’ fans.

I believe Kevin Kolb has what it takes to beat the Giants. He beat the Falcons (which he wasn’t given near enough credit for), so he could beat the Giants, but I wouldn’t want to see him against the Giants’ pass rushers.

Vick needs to stay healthy for this game (and the rest of the season). This is a huge game for the Eagles to show that they’re the class of the NFC.

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