Packers Beat Vikings: Stellar Players

By johnclaude

Jrlombardi–stellar performances in Packers win.

Commentary: Fans, we bring detailed analysis of stellar Packers performances in the Vikings game.

Packers–stellar performances: The Packers have been inconsistent at wide receiver this year, but Greg Jennings (+3.8) has finally found his rhythm again. He caught seven balls in nine targets for a season-high 152 yards and three touchdowns. If the Packers can continue getting this kind of production out of Jennings, their dominance seems here to stay. Cornerback Tramon Williams (+3.5) has strung together three straight great games as he was thrown at six times and didn’t allow a single catch. He had an interception that completely shifted the momentum of the game back in the Packers’ favor and had two pass deflections. The Packers had a healthy defensive line of LE Ryan Pickett (+3.0), Raji (+3.0) and RE Cullen Jenkins (+2.5). Although they were rarely on the same field at the same time due to the Packers playing a 2-4-5 defense for most of the game, being able to bring these players in and out solidified things. Jenkins and Raji had a strong pass rush with a combined seven pressures while Raji and Pickett both had strong games against run. Rookie report: The best performance by a Packers rookie was from RT Bryan Bulaga (+1.1). He did allow two sacks, but he still ended up with a positive rating in both pass protection and run blocking, and also had no penalties. Cornerback Shields (-1.6) allowed five catches and missed two tackles. Zombo (-0.3) started at ROLB and was OK. 

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