What Colts Fans Want (Week 12)

By wellerross

This is starting to become really important now because I’m beginning to think that we won’t be able to win in the playoffs without home field advantage, and now that we’re two games back in the AFC it’s looking less and less likely that we will actually be able to make that happen unless a lot of luck starts coming our way. So Here’s the luck we need this week:

Patriots @ Lions: Lions – This one is easy. Not only do we need the Patriots to lose this game, we’ll need them to lose three more, because we can’t be satisfied with just having the same record as them because they now hold the tiebreaker against us, unless we luck out BIG TIME and we’re in a three-way tie with them and the Jets and the Jets win their division tiebreaker and we then win the tiebreaker over the Jets. Don’t hold out hope for that and just keep rooting against the Patriots.

Saints @ Cowboys: Cowboys – This doesn’t really matter, but we do have the Cowboys on our schedule so them winning would help our strength of schedule and in all likelihood our strength of victory.

Bengals @ Jets: Bengals – Like with the Patriots, we need the Jets to start losing and in a hurry. We could, in theory, tie with the Jets in our record and still beat them in the tiebreaker but I don’t want that to be our fallback. Let’s just hope they lose three or four more games.

Packers @ Falcons: Packers – This game doesn’t matter in the slightest for the Colts, but the Falcons are the sole leaders in the NFC right now, so with a Packers win, the NFC playoff race would be significantly more entertaining.

Steelers @ Bills: Bills – This is another easy one. The Steelers are still a game ahead of us in the AFC. If they lose this game it would help us a ton in terms of playoff seeding down the road.

Panthers @ Browns: Panthers – Based on the fact that we could end up tied with the Steelers and/or the Ravens, the Browns winning would help their strength of schedule and probably their strength of victory. Also the Browns are still technically in the AFC playoff picture… technically.

Jaguars @ Giants: Giants – Another easy one and fortunately for us this is one that will likely happen. The Jags have somehow managed to climb back up in the AFC South and are now tied with us for the lead and considering they currently hold the tiebreaker over us we need them to start losing, which I see happening.

Vikings @ Redskins: Redskins – We played (and beat) the Redskins. We don’t play the Vikings. The Redskins will help our strength of schedule and strength of victory ratings if they win this game.

Titans @ Texans: Texans – If the Texans win this game then both of these teams will have a 5-6 record and both of these teams being below .500 this far into the season would make me feel a whole lot more secure when it comes to us winning the division.

Chiefs @ Seahawks: Seahawks – This is another easy one. We’re currently tied with the Chiefs in the AFC. The Seahawks are in the NFC. Go Seahawks.

Dolphins @ Raiders: Raiders – The Raiders first round draft pick goes to the Patriots this year. The more the Raiders win, the worse that draft pick becomes. Plus the Dolphins losing brings down the Patriots, Jets, Steelers and Ravens in terms of strength of schedule and strength of victory.

Rams @ Broncos: Rams – This won’t really help us out much one way or the other. I suppose of the Broncos win it helps our strength of victory, but the NFC vs AFC thing just makes me say to go for the Rams, plus it would make things that much more interesting the NFC, and like the Browns, the Broncos are still technically in the playoff hunt.

Eagles @ Bears: Eagles – We don’t play the Bears. We played the Eagles. The Eagles winning helps our strength of schedule.

Buccaneers @ Ravens: Buccaneers – The Ravens are one game ahead of us in the AFC. The Bucs have no impact on us whatsoever. Go Bucs.

Chargers @ Colts: Colts – I’m going to go out on a limb here and say go Colts.

49ers @ Cardinals: 49ers – If you want to talk about a game that really has absolutely no impact on us, this is it. The only thing I can come up with is that the Chargers have already beaten the Cardinals and have yet to play the 49ers, so in the unlikely even that they lose to the 49ers it would help us more for the 49ers to have won this game because it would hurt the Chargers potential strength of victory rating by just a smidgen.

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