Will the Chicago Bears Contain Philadelphia Eagles' Quarterback Michael Vick's Legs Like the New York Giants Did?

By Bryn Swartz

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In Sunday night’s game against the New York Giants, Michael Vick rushed just 11 times for 34 yards and one touchdown.

Compare this to some of his earlier rushing performances this season: 11 for 103, 10 for 74 with a touchdown, and 8 for 80 with two touchdowns.

It’s pretty safe to say the Giants did a pretty good job, considering Vick has averaged over seven yards per rush in his career.

Defensive ends Justin Tuck and Osi Unemyiora had a pretty simple-sounding job: They had to stop Michael Vick from rolling out to his left, where he is most dangerous throwing.

Instead they forced him to roll to his right, where he is still dangerous, but not nearly a comfortable as his left side.

They also forced two fumbles, including a huge strip and recover early in the fourth quarter. It wa Michael Vick’s first turnover of the season.

Vick didn’t struggle throwing the football. He completed 24 of 38 passes for 258 yards without an interception.

But he didn’t throw a touchdown either. It should be noted though that Vick had a perfect pass dropped in the end zone by receiver Jason Avant, and another catchable pass dropped by receiver DeSean Jackson.

Vick made enough plays in the end to secure an Eagles’ victory, but he played his worst full game of the season.

If the Chicago Bears apply the same tactic against Vick, which they probably will, Vick will have to beat the Bears with his arm and not with his legs.

One of the Bears’ defensive ends is Julius Peppers, a potential future Hall of Famer.

Peppers recorded three sacks in the Bears’ 16-0 victory over the Miami Dolphins last Thursday. He has just five sacks this season but he is extremely quick and is capable of stopping Michael Vick if necessary.

If the Bears apply the same tactic on Vick, and they succeed, look for every NFL team to do the same thing for the rest of the season.

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