Falcons Beat Packers 20-17

By johnclaude

Jrlombardi lays it on the line about Packers loss to Falcons.

The script is the bad rerun of old familiar movie about winning with the prime time pressure upon the Packers team.  Faced with an tough, talented, and disciplined enemy in the NFC, the Packers committed early costly turnovers and penalities hurting themselves, battled back to tie the game, lost field position by a costly penalty on the next kick coverage, buckled failing to hold on defense, and lost by a field goal.  In the 2010 NFL season, this was for the fourth time that the Packers failed to get over the top to win a close game.

Commentary: Now, the playoffs are not a sure thing at 7-4 compared to 7-3. The Packers are essentially two games behind the 8-3 Chicago Bears in a log jam of 7-4 teams that could knock them out of the wild card playoff picture.  Old story.

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