Jaguars Fall In New York

By Joey Farbo

The coaching staff will shoulder most of the blame for this one.

After running all over the Giants defense for the entire first half, the Jaguars coaching staff decided it would be a good idea to abandon the running game all together in the second half.  Instead of relying on the offensive strategy that had great success in the first half, the Jaguars decided to let Garrard take five and seven step drops and try to throw the ball down the field.

Their new game plan failed miserably.

Garrard was harassed by the Giants defense in the entire second half.  The coaches should have known that with two backup offensive lineman playing against the best defensive line in the league Garrard would not have time to look down the field, but they didn’t.

The defense played well, until they decided to start blitzing and leaving Giants tight end Kevin Boss wide open all over the field.

This is a tough loss to swallow for the Jaguars, especially considering how dominant they were in the first half.

The Jaguars now face an absolute must win next Sunday in Tennessee, where a loss would make it very difficult for them to climb back into the playoff race.

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