Cards Struggles Continue - 1st Half Reaction

By ericgoodman

Wow.  I’m sorry guys, but unless the Cardinals can mount a comeback I’ll just have to say it.

We ARE that bad.

First play of the game was a 25-yard sprint by Frank Gore.

First offensive play of the half was, surprise, a botched exchange between Derek Anderson and Beanie Wells.

Arizona cannot make a stop on third down.  As if the 49ers would need 3rd downs.  On their second possession, they didn’t need a 3rd down until the goalline, which they scored on.

Special teams can’t keep San Fran from great starting field position.  The Cardinals have again lost the ability to run the football, and are playing a frantic game.

Our defense is making a habit of making sub par offenses look fantastic.  I guess then we would have to conclude that we have a sub par defense.

Adrian Wilson, what is wrong with you?  You are one of the toughest, most athletic players in the league but you whiffed on Dixon?  Really?

The game is so bad, in fact, that the Monday Night Crew has resorted to making excuses for the Cardinals, constantly pointing out the players that we so recently lost and how we “haven’t been able to replace them”.

Arizona, please step it up for us.  We look like fools.

No matter the outcome, look for a post-game article.  Cross your fingers Cardinals fans.  Its going to be a long night.

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