Dwayne Bowe Is Quietly Getting Ready To Rewrite Chiefs Record Books

By james.adkins


[picappgallerysingle id=”10291591″]Kansas City wide receiver Dwayne Bowe is quietly getting ready to break several franchise receiving records for a season. That’s not too bad considering many fans were ready to run Bowe out of town after a 2009 season that included a four-game suspension and more dropped passes than you see in a Thanksgiving full of backyard football games.

Bowe rededicated himself during the offseason, and to be brutally honest, he grew up quite a bit going into the 2010 season. The results of his newfound dedication and work ethic have him poised to break many Chiefs receiving records.

Based upon his current pace, here are the Chiefs season records for receivers that Bowe either has already or could break by the end of the regular season.

Most receptions by WR (season)

Current record:  84 (Bowe-2008)

2010 Bowe pace: 84 (tie for 1st)

Most Receiving Yards by WR (season)

Current record: 1,391 (Derrick Alexander-2000)

2010 Bowe pace: 1,287 (4th)

Most 100-Yard Receiving Games (season)

Current record: 6 (Otis Taylor-1966, Carlos Carson-1983, Alexander-2000)

2010 Bowe pace: 6 (tie for 1st)

Most Receiving TDs in Consecutive Seasons (seasons)

Current record: 21 (Chris Burford-1962, 1963)

2010 Bowe pace: 24 (1st)

Most 20+ Yard Receptions (season)

Current record: 24 (Alexander-2000)

2010 Bowe pace: 20 (tie for 2nd)


Here are the records that Bowe has already broken.

Most Receiving TDs (season)

Former record: 12 (Burford-1962)

2010 Bowe pace: 20

Most Consecutive Games with a TD (season)

Former record: 5 (Burford-1962)

2010 Bowe pace: 7 and counting

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