Philadelphia Eagles' Wide Receiver DeSean Jackson Reportedly Worried About Contract Extension; In Frequent Talks With Agent Drew Rosenhaus

By Bryn Swartz

According to a source close to DeSean Jackson, the Eagles’ third year wide receiver is worried about his contract, to the point that it has begun to affect his performance on the field.

Jackson’s agent is Drew Rosenhaus. Yes, that Drew Rosenhaus.

Jackson reportedly spends a lot of time texting Rosenhaus about his contract situation.

The Eagles claim to be aware of Jackson’s situation and are trying to keep him happy. Jackson denies that the contract situation has even been bothering him.

A source also says that Jackson was told by Rosenhaus to pad his statistics because lower numbers will hurt his chances at a better contract.

Jackson’s contract is currently four years for $3.46 million, so it’s safe to say that he is underpaid when compared to other Pro Bowl wide receivers around the National Football League.

The Eagles have cut down on his passing patterns across the middle since his return from a concussion suffered in a victory against Atlanta. This has made Jackson very one-dimensional, and except for an 88-yard touchdown on the first play of the game against the Washington Redskins, defenses have been able to stop Jackson.

I have also heard that Jackson is growing frustrated with his job as punt returner.

Whatever his problems are, the Eagles need DeSean Jackon to be happy, because as of now, he is the face of the franchise.

By the way, happy 24th birthday DeSean.

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