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Mark Ingram Scouting Report

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Jan 5, 2010; Newport Beach, CA, USA; Alabama Crimson Tide running back Mark Ingram at the 2010 BCS National Championship media day at the Newport Beach Marriott Hotel & Spa. Photo via Newscom

Biography Mark Ingram RB Alabama #22 JR

Ingram won last year’s Heisman Trophy so I figured I had to get a scouting report of Mark Ingram in before this years Heisman Winner is crowned. Now it is time to list the pro’s and cons with Mark Ingram. The New England Patriots will probably target a running back in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft and with Oakland’s first round pick New England might select Mark Ingram.


Physical: Mark Ingram has the physical ability that you look for in a running back.

Learning Rate: Mark Ingram learns plays really fast.

Football IQ: Ingram has a really high football IQ.

Awareness: Ingram has the awareness you look for in a feature back.

Ball Carrier Vision: Ball Carrier Vision is the most underrated quality in a running back and Ingram has the ball carrier vision you look for in a #1 running back.

Intangibles: Ingram has the intangibles that most NFL scouts look for in a running back.

Speed: Mark Ingram has excellent speed for a running back.

Strength: Ingram has the strength of a bruiser power back playing the running back position.

Agility: Ingram has the agility to be elusive out of the backfield.

Acceleration: Ingram has tremendous success when it comes to finding a way to accelerate through the holes his offensive lineman create for him.

Break Tackles: Ingram can break tackles which is the most important trait when it comes to finding a successful running back in my opinion.

Trucking: Ingram is an excellent trucker when it comes to trucking. Ingram can use his elbows or feet to make the big plays that will lead to a run for 6 points.

Elusiveness: Even though Mark Ingram is more of a power running back he can be very elusive also.

Stiff Arm: Ingram is an all pro when it comes to stiff arming defenders to gain extra chunks of yardage.

Carrying: Ingram can handle 20 to 25 carries like most workhorse running backs that get the ball too much.

Production: Mark Ingram has excellent production. Ingram won the Heisman and National Title as a sophomore.

Heisman Trophy Winner: Ingram won the 2009 Heisman Trophy and that shows his production on the field and his dedication off the field.

Potential: Mark Ingram has the potential to be the next big name running back in the first round.


Durability: I’m not saying Ingram is injury prone, but Ingram did miss the start of the year with an injury. Power backs like Ingram are harder to injure so if a guy like Ingram gets injured he could be injury prone down the road. Durability is minor concern in the short run that could turn into a major issue depending on how healthy he is. Just look at Adrian Peterson injured in college and Peterson is durable and healthy in the NFL.

Size: Ingram is slightly undersized at 5 foot 10 inches 215 pounds. A running back with elite size is 5 foot 11 inches 225 pounds.

Offensive Lineman help him: Alabama has two run blocking tackles that can zone block effectively in James Carpenter and DJ Fluker. These offensive tackles create openings for Mark Ingram to run through so these lineman could be great in the NFL if Ingram struggles.

Two Back System: Mark Ingram has been either the feature back or the secondary back in a two back system his whole career. I’m not sure if he can handle the load in the long run.

Spinning: Ingram is a terrible spinner, but that is because he is more of a power running back.

Juking: Ingram is a terrible at juking the run. Ingram is only going to break tackles by trucking defenders.

My thoughts on Mark Ingram Ingram appears as a bust prospect on paper with tons of questions surrounding him, but since his physical ability compensates for the fact that Mark Ingram is slightly undersized along with the fact that he can carry the ball 20 to 25 times a game despite seeing limited action while playing in a two back system at Alabama along with Trent Richardson convinces me that Ingram be the best running back to come out of Alabama since Shaun Alexander.

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