49er’s season rests on Alex Smith’s shoulders

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The future of this season for the San Francisco 49er’s rests on the shoulder of QB Alex Smith now. 49er’s head coach Mike Singletary has pushed his chips all in with reverting back to Alex Smith, a quarterback who was 1-6 as a starter for the Niners.

NFL Network’s Jason LaCanfora is reporting this evening that Mike Singletary has replaced Troy Smith with Alex Smith at the quarterback position heading into the four game stretch which could decide whether or not the 49er’s reach the playoffs or not.

Troy Smith won triple the number of games that Alex Smith has this season. this seems like a foolish move for a team which is struggling to find it’s way. This is a foolish move by the 49er’s and a move which will help show Mike Singletary out of the door.

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  • http://ninersnation.com feemah

    i am just speechless, from watching the diff play styles of a. smith compared to t.smith, how can u make a move to replace troy. I understand the limitation of the playbook, but that is no reason to play a proven loser over someone who has show some promise in him. where is that whole “leadership” talk now. t. smith, def has a better arm, more skills, more improvision, and more confident.

  • Homedelivery

    The three veteran QB’s on the team are interchangeable. Singletary, in his own unique managment style, has achieved a QB trifecta. The QB’s on staff, Smith times two and Carr have developed under Singletary’s careful watch in to below average NFL QB’s. It is the same QB performance for the 49ers game in and game out no matter who plays. Singletary strangles the motivation out of QB’s.

  • Homedelivery

    Perhap Alex Smith will relive the first Seahawk loss and clock Singletary on the sideline if he opens his yap again. That might be the only throw Smith completes, but oh how sweet! Give em hell Alex.