Asking My Eagles Writers & Fans: Who Will Be Remembered as the Better Eagles' Running Back, Brian Westbrook or LeSean McCoy?

The Question:

Asking my Eagles writers & fans: Who will be remembered as the better Eagles’ running back, Brian Westbrook or LeSean McCoy?

The Answers:

It will be very close. I think McCoy will be viewed as the better running back because he has avoided injury (so far), something Westbrook could never do. He is younger now than Westbrook was when he entered the NFL, and he is already a borderline Pro Bowl running back. I think he’ll turn in seven or eight very good seasons, with about two Pro Bowl selections.

Luther Broughton, Former Philadelphia Eagles Tight End, 1999-2000:
Come on…. Shady needs to have a few more years before we can start this conversation. We forget too fast as spectators. Westbrook was special. McCoy has a chance to be good but we know some guys flame out. Let’s hope he doesn’t but let’s not put him in Westbrook’s category yet. That would be disrespectful based on Westbrook’s years of stellar play.

Shaun Young, 2009 Pro Football’s Ultimate Fan Association Inductee:
Westbrook will be known as the better back, due to his all around skills and because of the many HUGE plays that he made to change not only a game, but some seasons. One in particular was the punt return against the Giants in 03 that put us at 3-3 instead of 2-4 and propelled us to 9 straight wins.

Geoff Crawley, Fellow Eagles Writer:
Westbrook. But it is closer than you think. I believe McCoy is actually more talented, but he will have to do it longer than a year and a half. McCoy is an upgrade at the position, but Westbrook literally saved more than one season singlehandedly.

Mike Burke, Fellow Eagles Writer:
Unless he has trouble staying healthy the rest of his career, it looks like McCoy might take the title. He looks great both running and catching the football and is still very young. I don’t think he could ever greatly surpass BWest but he could probably edge him out.

Michael Remington, Fellow Eagles Writer:
Having a long successful career as a running back in the NFL requires a lot of luck when it comes to health. I hope that McCoy has a long career, but Westbrook is a Hall of Famer and an all-time Eagle great so it’s hard not to choose him.

Cody Swartz, Fellow Eagles Writer:
Brian Westbrook will be remembered as better because I can’t see McCoy being as good for the Eagles as Westbrook was in his absolute prime, 2006-’07. During those two seasons, Westbrook was probably the best running back in the league. He could do it all – run, catch, and return punts. That being said, McCoy certainly looks good so far.

Tim Morris, Eagles Fan & Dodgers Central Writer:
McCoy, better between the tackles, has Westy’s hands, maybe not as fast but his vision is either on par with Westy or better. I also feel he’s not only more durable but just tougher as well.

Brandon Kiser, Eagles Fan:
Westbrook. Let’s not get carried away with McCoy yet.

Clark Miller, Eagles Fan:
Too early to tell but right now Brian Westbrook will be remembered as the better RB. LeSean has a lot of potential but he has only played for two years.

Ryan Hibbard, Eagles Fan:
This is tough. If McCoy has more longevity than Westbrook, I think he takes it. Westbrook had 7 good years (and several GREAT years (2007) within those 7), but this is Philly. We remember what you last did for us as fans. That in mind, if McCoy has a long career, I think he wins this debate.

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