Asking My Fellow Eagles Writers & Fans: Who is the Best Wide Receiver on the Philadelphia Eagles and Why?

By Bryn Swartz

The Question:

Who do you think is the best wide receiver on the Eagles and why?

The Answers:

I think Jeremy Maclin is the best wide receiver on the Eagles simply because DeSean Jackon is way too one-dimenional. Maclin can stretch the field more, and has had success with both Vick AND Kolb. He is a underrated deep threat and scores more touchdowns. He is a smarter player also.

Luther Broughton, Former Philadelphia Eagles Tight End, 1999-2000:
Desean Jackson is the most talented and best. He is an extraordinarily fast playmaker that averages over 20 yards a catch. His contract situation seems to have affected him recently and we still have been able to put up good passing numbers. I think that shows how well Maclin and Vick are playing also.

Shaun Young, 2009 Pro Football’s Ultimate Fan Association Inductee:
Right now, DeSean is the best receiver, but I made a comment to a number of people prior to the season that I thought Maclin would step up and have a better season and possibly become the better of the two in their careers.

Geoff Crawley, Fellow Eagles Writer:
Jeremy Maclin. He is more consistent and almost as fast as DeSean Jackson.

Michael Remington, Fellow Eagles Writer:
DeSean Jackson changes the way defenses play the Eagles and frees up alot of opportunities for other players. He is the fastest player in the NFL in pads.

Cody Swartz, Fellow Eagles Writer:
DeSean Jackson is still a better wide receiver than Jeremy Maclin. Maclin is a more complete receiver and Jackson can be too much of a hit or miss but until Maclin puts together a full season like Jackson did last year, I have to go with Jackson. He also is arguably the best deep threat in the game today.

Tim Morris, Eagles Fan & Dodgers Central Writer:
Jeremy Maclin easy. He’s a better route runner, is more willing to take a hit, better hands and better concentration, he may end up being the best WR the Eagles have ever had.

Brandon Kiser, Eagles Fan:
DeSean Jackson. Maclin has been great this year and will continue to be really important part of the offense but he gets so many opportunities b/c Jackson opens up the field so much.

Clark Miller, Eagles Fan:
I would say that DeSean Jackson is the best receiver. Although Maclin is getting a lot of the receptions and yards I do not think that he would get those kind of numbers if the Eagles did not have DeSean Jackson. Jackson is good enough that he often requires double teams leaving Maclin single covered.

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