After Monday Night's Debacle, a Long Time Jets Fan Chimes in on the Emotional Toll of Being a Jets Fan

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Well, that was embarrassing.

For the first time in his head coaching tenure, Rex Ryan was thoroughly outcoached at the hands of Bill Belichick, and it was ugly as could be as the Jets lost their first road game of the year 45-3 in Foxboro.

A few days ago, I got an email from a reader of this site, which by the way I always love to get. I always appreciate feedback, positive or negative on Jets Report and I appreciate all my readers and Twitter followers.

Anyway, a devoted Jets fan and hip-hop artist Prolyphic emailed me Monday morning with some passionate words on what it’s like to be a Jets fan, always being so close to glory and falling just short in heartbreak fashion. Little did I know how true his words would be just 24 hours later.

With his permission, I give you Prolyphic’s take on what it’s like to be a Jets fan, including a song and music video, after the jump.


I’m a hip-hop artist from Rhode Island who goes by the name of Prolyphic and also a huge Jets fan who reads your blog. I wrote a song and made a video about the Jets and how they’ve sucked my whole life. Here is a link to the video.

Since the age of 6 I have been a dedicated fan of the New York Jets. People have asked me, “Why are you a Jets fan, aren’t you from New England?”

I am Jets fan because of my Dad. He was a Jets fan, so it was only natural for me to become a Jets fan. If I had to do it all over again I may have went a different route due to all the headaches, nausea, heartburn, cold sweats, and disappointment this team has caused me throughout my life…

And for what?

I don’t know why I care so much. I am attached to them. I see a lot of myself in them because we’re both underdogs I guess. Also, I’ve invested so much time watching them on TV and listening to them on the radio that I need some sort of gratification.

The Jets have always found a way to lose. In my eyes they always had the potential to win, but it was their poor decision-making that would fuck things up–from the players to GM’s. Whether it was to draft Ken O’Brien instead of Dan Marino, or draft Kyle Brady instead of Warren Sapp, or to sign Vinny Testaverde back 3 times after they had already let him go twice before because he was passed his prime.Or how about throwing a 4 yard pass when you needed 6 yards for a first down in the AFC Championship game in 1998 (Thanks Vinnie the Pooh).

The Jets are a laughingstock in the NFL, even though they’ve been to the playoffs 3 out the last 6 years. The main reason is because they always find a way to blow it. Botched kicks, interceptions, fumbles, penalties, bad play calling. You name it, they’ve done it… and I’ve sat through it all with my Dad.

We’ve cursed the TV; laughing, cheering, threatening to switch to another team, and sometimes turning the game off before it ended.We sat through every damn Jets season together waiting for them to play to their potential and to give us something to cheer for. At the beginning of every season it’s always been, “This is their year…it’s gotta be.” At the end of every season its been, “They suck.”

For the first time ever, I actually believe that this might really be their season. The Jets are making incredible plays and they are winning games. They’re finding ways to win. They actually remind me of the 2000 Patriots. The only potential nightmare is the place kicker Nick Folk, he needs to get his shit together.He is missing easy, easy field goals. He could single handedly blow their season. He is Vinny reincarnated into a kicker.

Dec. 6th is the biggest NFL game of the season: A 9-2 Pats versus a 9-2 Jets. The winner will be dubbed the best team in the NFL. We’ll see what happens. I like the Jets’ chances and I will be watching with my Dad on Monday night. I’ve been to only one Jets game in my life and that was in 1988 against the Patriots at the old Foxboro Stadium. The Jets lost that game, even with Steve Grogan as the Patriots QB. This was during a time when the Pats and Jets both sucked and the Buffalo Bills were the dominating team in AFC. Now the Bills suck and the Pats and Jets are dominating teams in the AFC.

I wrote this “New York Jets” song on a whim in a couple of hours, right after Brett Favre left the Jets in 2009 to go the Minnesota Vikings. I was pissed. Fuck Favre. But, you know what? Karma caught up with him and took a picture of his penis, so its all good. This song isn’t only for Jets fans, it is dedicated to all fans of losing teams out there. This one is for you.

After what happened on Monday night, it stings a little bit to think of how the “Same Old Jets” ghosts are still not fully exorcised. I’m still very confident this 2010 Jets team is capable of winning the Super Bowl, and that the Jets will contend for multiple Super Bowls under Rex Ryan.

We’ve been through so much as Jets fans. It’s time for the team to step up and play up to their potential. They’re talented enough to be any team in the league when they bring their A-game. Now that it’s crunch time, it’s time to go out there and do it.

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