Asking My Eagles Writers & Fans: Down by Two, 2 Seconds Left, Ball on the 44, Akers Kick or Vick Hail Mary?

By Bryn Swartz

The Question:
Asking my Eagles writers & fans: Down by two, 2 seconds left in the game, ball on the 44 yard line. Do you send in Akers or is Vick throwing a Hail Mary?

The Answers:

Neither is going to have higher than a 10 percent chance of working, but I would probably take the kick. Akers might surprise us. Matt Bryant did 62 against us. Maybe Akers could do 61. Maybe.

Luther Broughton, Former Philadelphia Eagles Tight End, 1999-2000:
Field goal attempt.

Shaun Young, 2009 Pro Football’s Ultimate Fan Association Inductee:
You have to have Vick throw the Hail Mary as 62 is pretty much out of the range for Akers and you have the good possibility of a pass interference call which would give you another opportunity at the one yard line.

Geoff Crawley, Eagles Writer:

Akers, no question. I’d send him out as far as the 48. Beyond that I’d throw it.

Mike Burke, Eagles Writer:
This is very situational, but if there is no wind or the wind is at Akers back, I probably let him kick it. From that distance you’re looking at around a 61 yard field goal, and that’s very long. However, how often do Hail Mary’s actually work? It’s not as often as you might think. They typically only show them on TV when they work.

Michael Remington, Eagles Writer:
Vick’s arm. Akers is accurate, but that’s a long kick.

Cody Swartz, Eagles Writer:
A 61 yard field goal is too far to kick, especially given the fact that Akers is in his 12th season. I would go for a deep pass. Vick should be able to scramble around and make something happen. And if all else fails, there is a decent chance of a defensive penalty that could extend the game.

Tim Morris, Eagles Fan & Dodgers Central Writer:
There’s a lot of factors like Wind, downs, opposing defense. I guess I send in Akers though, safer and more sure pick.

Brandon Kiser, Eagles Fan:
Vick. Hook ‘n’ Ladder to Maclin flipping to Jackson.

Clark Miller, Eagles Fan:
Vick Hail Mary. I do not think that Akers could kick that far.

Wally Potter, Eagles Fan:
Gotta throw the hail mary from the 44, that would be a 59 or 60 yard field goal attempt, and I would like the odds!

Ryan Hibbard, Eagles Fan:
I’m going with the veteran kicker here. Granted, Akers is aging, but I take my chances here. Distance is generally not an issue and statistically, I think the odds of a 61 yarder going are higher than a Hail Mary.

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