Redskins Haynesworth furious over reports

By ericschmidt

Washington Redskins DT Albert Haynesworth is furious over reports that he reported to practice on Friday hungover. According to the Washington Post, Haynesworth told reporters “I was not hung over”. Speaking to reporters via telephone, Haynesworth admitted that he did go out on Thursday night, but denied being drunk.

“I was not hung over. I mean I did go out, but when I started feeling bad I went home. I mean, I go out every Thursday or so. Just because somebody goes out, that doesn’t mean I’m out drinking and getting drunk. I’ve been in this game for nine years and been single, or without a wife, for a lot of that time. The bottom line is I wasn’t hung over or anything like that. I want to make that clear”, said Haynesworth.

Just out of curiosity, what does Haynesworth being single or without a wife for his 9 years in the league have anything to do with anything? This still does not address the fact that Haynesworth had an “illness” this week, and if he was sick, what was he doing going out? if his illness prevented him from practicing, why did it not prevent him from going out?

Mike Shanahan told reporters on Monday that he planned to meet with Haynesworth later this week amid reports of the organization having a 75% chance of releasing the defensive tackle this week.

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