Eagles Vick tops in Pro Bowl voting, but Patriots Brady has to have MVP sewed up

By ericschmidt

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Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick leads in the voting for the NFL’s Pro-Bowl but New England Patriots QB Tom Brady has to have the MVP voting sewed up. Michael Vick is experiencing his best season as a NFL quarterback and his great play on the field is reflected in the Pro Bowl voting. Vick has received nearly 40,000 more votes than any other player, and has 729,838 total votes.

Eagles Michael Vick along with San Diego Chargers QB Philip Rivers have been in the discussion as to who should be considered the NFL’s MVP player this season. Based on Tom Brady’s play on the field coupled with the Patriots 102 record, Brady has to be considered the front runner at this point.

Brady’s play has been incredible this season. He has completed nearly 67% of his passes so far this season throwing 27 scores and only four interceptions. Brady currently has gone 7 games without throwing an interception and his four interceptions came in only two games, tossing two against the Jets and the Ravens. Brady also had quite a performance on Thanksgiving Day against the Detroit Lions, throwing four scores and finishing the game with a perfect passer rating.

After trading WR Randy Moss to the Minnesota Vikings early in the season, many speculated that the Patriots were throwing away a possible run at the playoffs this season. As in usual Patriots fashion, the team just stepped up as a whole and continued their winning ways.

Vick’s achievements on the field have been remarkable this season, but at this point the fact that Brady has played every game and Vick has missed several due to injury is the difference between the two players.

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