Giants vs. Vikings Game Postponed To Monday Night at 8pm ET

By Jeff Shull

The game between the New York Giants and Minnesota Vikings has been postponed to Monday as a result of the bad weather in Minneapolis. Complications with the flight caused the Giants to currently be shacked up in a Kansas City hotel tonight, and concerns about a severe pile up of snow on the roof of the Metrodome after a blizzard forced the NFL to take action.

The news was originally broke by, the league’s official website, and officials have now confirmed that the game will be played Monday at 8pm ET.

The NFL officials have not released information as to the details of the TV broadcast, but as of right now it will be limited to those in the New York and Minnesota areas.

This is not definite and could be changed, check back for more information on the TV situation.

This marks the second time in five years that the Giants will have a game postponed due to weather. Hurricane Katrina in 2005 forced the Giants to not only play on Monday night, but play an away game at old Giants Stadium.

As far as the NFL is concerned, the game is still to be played in Minneapolis at the Metrodome, but windy conditions were too dangerous for workers to clear the snow from a blizzard off the roof of the dome.

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