Asking My Eagles Fans & Writers: How Much Do You Hate the Dallas Cowboys and Where Does the Rivalry Rank Among the NFL's Best?

By Bryn Swartz

The Question:
Asking my Eagles writers and fans: How much do you hate the Dallas Cowboys and where does the rivalry rank among the NFL’s best?

The Answers:

When I was five years old, my dad sat me down and explained to me that the only thing worse than the Dallas Cowboys is Satan. That pretty much sums up how I feel about the team. I hate the Dallas Cowboys as much as anyone can hate a professional sports team. I don’t respect their fans because they’re a bunch of bandwagon, arrogant, bandwagon, stuckup, bandwagon filthy trash talkers who will be happy to remind you that they have five Super Bowl rings. Cowboys fans are stupid and uneducated. When their team loses, or has a poor season, they’re gone. When the team plays well, they emerge. They’re a joke.

I think the Eagles-Cowboys rivalry is one of the ten best in the NFL, but not quite as high as I would like. It doesn’t quite have the intensity of Steelers-Ravens yet but it’s pretty brutal. It’s gotten a lot more extreme since the season finales of 2008 and 2009.

Cody Swartz, Eagles Fan & Writer:
I hate the Cowboys as much as someone can hate a professional sports team. I hate their owner, Jerry Jones. I hate their fans. I hate their quarterback. I hate their label as “America’s Team.” I think the Eagles-Cowboys rival is one of the top rivals in the NFL right now. It’s two teams that hate one another with a passion. I would rank it among the top five or ten rivalries in the NFL

Orlando Morales, Eagles Fan & Writer:
Haha on a scale of 1-10 I’d say I’m a 12 when it comes to hating the Cowboys. I hate them because when I was little they would beat the Eagles every time. Aikman, Amith, Irvin, Sanders, just made my skin crawl. But what tops off the hate is their fans. Their fans are some of the worst in the NFL in my opinion. They act like they are die-hards, although when the team is losing you could walk around your city and town and see absolutely NO cowboy fans. As soon as they start winning, everyone’s a fan and they act like their team is God’s gift to the world. 

I’d say the rivalry has to rank in the top 5 among the best in the NFL. I’d say it’s only behind the Packers-Bears when it comes to tradition, history and hatred level by the fans and players. The rivalry has so many games that are remembered throughout the Nation that there’s no way this isn’t at least the 3rd or 4th best rivalry. 

I can make a case that the Giants are the Eagles most bitter rival, I think I hate them as much, if not more than the Cowboys.

Tim Morris, Eagles Fan & Dodgers Central Writer:
Haha how much I hate the Cowboys? Obviously not enough to dump my fiance, she’s a Cowboys fans, as well as my dads “friend” and also a lot of my fiances family so that can be difficult, and as one of maybe 10 Eagles fans in California, I can have a pretty rough time. 

Back to the original question though, it’s not as much as I’d like to, mainly because I’ve never gotten a chance to see a game in person much like I’ve seen a Dodgers v Giants game, if you can’t hate the Giants after watching that in Dodger Stadium, you aren’t a true Dodger fan. 

Where do the rank? I have to say #1, I just can’t think of any rivalry that has had so much behind it, that you look forward to all season between two franchises that not only hate each other but always bump into each other in important situations. The last 10 years have seen absolutely thrilling Eagles v Cowboys games and I think the final two this year will be some of the best of all time, I just can’t wait!

Brandon Kiser, Eagles Fan:
I hate the Cowboys with a passion. I hate their arrogance. I hate that they have rings. I hate they feel entitled to everything. I hate Jerry Jones. I hate the state of Texas. I hate their huge stadium. I hate Michael Irvin and that he got away with pass interference his whole career. I hate Troy Aikman. I hate Emmitt Smith. Watching Romo fumble the snap on the kick is one of my all-time favorite sports memories. I hate their fans and how you never see them until their team is good and when they are good, they come out of the woodwork like cockroaches. Screw Dallas. It’s not a premier rivalry though simply because the Eagles haven’t won enough. The Eagles haven’t won anything actually. And they’re close in proximity which hurts.

Ryan Hibbard, Eagles Fan:
As someone who wasn’t around to see the Cowboys win a lot of games in the very early 90s, I have primarily memories of my dad hating the Cowgirls throughout my childhood. This bred a deep hate for them and I can say that I really despise the organization. I also don’t have any respect for Cowboys fans that live outside of Texas because I’ve encountered a lot of uneducated bandwagon jumpers (much like Yankees fans across the country). As far as rivalries, I think it ranks as high as any other ones. Granted, that’s a bit biased because I grew up around it, but I think that the hate and rivalries between the organizations has transcended Emmitt, Troy, Reggie, and Ricky (yes, Ricky WATTERS) to the front office and a new generation of players.

Michael Posner, Eagles Fan:
Blinding would be the appropriate word before hate.  My five (plus a bonus pick) most memorable moments in my life are my son being born, my wedding, graduating from law school, 44-6, beating the Cowgirls in the playoff in 80′ and stuffing Emmit twice on 4th and 1 .

As far as rivalries go, it is mid-level.  Honestly, it fails the drama level of the NFL best mostly because of the Eagles and their failures for so many years, plus the length.  I would say Philly Giants, Philly Redskins then Philly Dallas.  Still higher than Philly Cardinals (miss the Redbirds).

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