Cam Newton Scouting Report

By Chris Ransom
Auburn University Quarterback Cam Newton stands at the podium after winning the 2010 Heisman Trophy Award at the Marriott Marquis in New York City on December 11, 2010.    UPI/John Angelillo Photo via Newscom

Biography Cam Newton QB Auburn #2 Junior Redshirt

Cam Newton is this years Heisman Winner. There is a good chance he declares and I have Newton going 4th overall and Newton has moved up to #5 on my big board behind Marcell Dareus, Patrick Peterson, AJ Green, and Andrew Luck. Here’s the full information on Auburn quarterback Cam Newton.


Arm Strength: Cam Newton has a cannon arm and can fire the ball nearly 70 yards down field.

Durability: Newton is a tough quarterback that is hard to injure.

Size: Cam Newton is 6 ft 6 inches and 250 pounds. The last quarterback with that size coming out of college was JaMarcus Russell.

Deep Accuracy: Cam Newton has great accuracy on the deep ball and whenever he throws the ball deep to his wide receivers.

Scramber: Like Pac 10 quarterbacks Andrew Luck and Jake Locker Cam Newton can scramble too.

Production: Cam Newton consistently produces clutch plays at Auburn. Making big plays in college goes a long way in showing your ready to make big plays at the next level in the NFL.

Heisman Winner: Newton won the Heisman so he has the production and some people think he has the intangibles, but I believe that will be a con for Newton at the next level. Only time will tell.

Potential: Cam Newton has the potential to be a franchise quarterback because of his physical tools with arm strength and his size.


Learning Rate: Newton learns plays at a real slow rate so I do not see Newton panning out. Cam Newton’s learning rate is so bad he will need an offensive minded head coach, an elite offensive coordinator, and an elite quarterback coach to fix his learning rate. I’m not saying its impossible, but its unlikely he will succeed unless his learning rate improves meaning he may have to play another position like running back, full back, wide receiver, or tight end in 3 years.

Awareness: Newton has not played in a pro style offense and only knows how to play in a shotgun spread offense or a vertical offense which has a cannon arm quarterback.

Football IQ: Until Newton can translate to a pro style offense his football IQ is very limited.

Short Accuracy: Cam Newton has struggled with short accuracy throws in a pro style offense.

Medium Accuracy: Newton has yet to digest the medium accuracy plus he has to tell his receivers to run slants and go outes so medium accuracy is important for a quarterback.

Cocky Attitude: Newton was smiling like he knew the Heisman was his and the Heisman finalists who were sitting at the Heisman ceremony next to Cam Newton were telling themselves when will Chris Fowler stop praising Cam Newton. Here is a hilarious conversation on what the Heisman finalists were thinking to themselves as the Heisman Trophy Presentation was occuring.

Character Issues: Transfered from Florida to Auburn and stole a computer while at Florida. He was also accused of cheating on tests. Cam Newton was involved in a potential recruiting violation before the NCAA decided to take action and let Newton play. My slogan is new college equals new beginning so as long as Newton doesn’t make any mistakes at Auburn he should be fine.

My thoughts on Cam Newton Cam Newton is a boom or bust prospect with a very poor learning rate giving him a strong chance of busting, but Newton has the physical tools to become a franchise quarterback. Newton is a dual threat quarterback that can make plays in the clutch with his production. Newton’s biggest question is his intangibles. The coaches at Auburn are raving about Cam Newton’s intangibles, but some draft scouts are not sold on his intangibles because he has not proved he can throw the short or medium pass in the pocket consistently while displaying accuracy in a pro style offense. If Newton’s intangibles are good he will become a franchise quarterback and if Newton’s intangibles are poor he will bust.

When your scouting the question is what are you looking for at quarterback? Are you looking for a drop back pocket passer who knows how to play in a pro style offense and scramble if necessary? Or are you looking for a dual threat quarterback with JaMarcus Russell’s body size, Byron Leftwich’s arm strength, and Vince Young’s speed along with Young’s mobility who plays in a shotgun spread offense. If you went with the first answer a pocket passer you should draft Andrew Luck by making the safe decision and if you went with the second answer the dual threat quarterback you should take the ultimate risk on Cam Newton. Some cocky quarterbacks like Ben Roethlisberger and Phillip Rivers have had success while other cocky quarterbacks like Ryan Leaf and Matt Leinart never accomplished anything in their careers. I guess it comes down to how the quarterbacks reads the defense if their cocky.

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