Frustrating season for Washington Redskins winds down

By ericschmidt

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A frustrating season for the Washington Redskins is winding down starting today against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The weather forecast for this afternoon reflects the season the Redskins have had, dreary. A season which held promise has delivered only frustration, but those who looked at the Redskins objectively, had to see this coming.

The offensive line problems have not been fixed. Donovan McNabb has been sacked 35 times in 12 games. Speaking of McNabb, he has been an overwhelming disappointment. Only once this season has he thrown more than one touchdown in a game and has more interceptions than touchdowns (12-15). Has he done enough to warrant bringing back in 2011? The running game has been horrible. It has been a revolving door at the running back position all season long and it started in training camp. Who really thought that even bringing Willie Parker and Larry Johnson in was going to amount to anything. WR Joey Galloway? Seriously?

But the blame can’t be placed just on the offense, there are 11 men on the defensive side of the ball which deserve some finger pointing. The Redskins defense is dead last in the league for yards allowed, 397 per game and allow over 24 points per game. And then there is the matter of the constant Albert Haynesworth distraction. $40 million for 6 sacks in two seasons? That’s a bargain.

I understand that Mike Shanahan is installing a new system and it’s his first season with the Redskins, but after 12 weeks, wouldn’t you think we’d see some sort of improvement or direction for the Redskins instead of appears to be a haphazard showing on a weekly basis with no consistency.

Washington has some holes to fill and with few draft choices next season, they are going to have to try to fill those holes through free agency, something which hasn’t been particularly successful for the Redskins over the past few years. With Bruce Allen as the GM, expect to see more older washed up players like Willie Parker and Joey Galloway brought in. That was his standard operating procedure when he was with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

A season which started with some promise, is winding down with perhaps more questions than when it started.

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