It's Obvious: Head Coach Andy Reid Thinks Michael Vick's Eagles Have Everything it Takes to Win the Super Bowl

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For 11 seasons as the Philadelphia Eagles’ head coach, Andy Reid could best be described as boring.

He really doesn’t show emotion. Ever.

78 yard touchdown pass? Not even a smile. Interception touchdown? Half a smile. Beatdown of the Cowboys? Small smile.

But this season, Reid has appeared to be a changed man.

He is emotional, fiery, and intense.

It began two weeks ago when Reid exploded at his team after a loss to the Chicago Bears. Veteran players called Reid’s tirade the worst they had ever seen.

Sure, the Eagles had played poorly, but a 31-26 loss to a pretty good team isn’t the end of the world.

Then last week, Reid called the league office to complain about the unecessary hits his star quarterback is taking.

And this week, he absolutely exploded in front of the entire country after a late hit on Michael Vick didn’t draw a flag.

Reid’s motives behind his actions are simple. sums up Reid’s actions perfectly:

“It might be because, after all of this time, after all of the close calls, after all of the years of the never-let-them-see-you-sweat mind-meld concocted by Reid and Donovan McNabb, that the coach knows he has something special going on this season, something different, something that is equal parts precious and tenuous.

The wrong hit on Vick could spell disaster. One unfocused loss in a highly competitive conference could change everything. Reid knows it and he seems to want everyone else to know it, especially the young players on this roster.”

Nobody knows what the future will bring. Nobody even expected Vick to be starting this season. Nobody even expected Vick to NOT be released in the 2009 offseason, after the incident at his 30th birthday party.

Reid knows that this could be a make-or-break season for the Eagles.

He is both scared and excited, and for the first time in his career, he is showing emotion.

Reid knows he has something special in Vick, possibly even Super.

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  • Jw

    Not really the point of this article but I should point out that only shortsighted bloggers and analysts expected Vick to be released this year after his 30th. Anyone with any common sense & half way decent understanding of football knew the eagles would have been complete fools to drop Vick when they were going into the season with a first year starter in kolb, a rookie 3rd stringer, and a sub par o-line. No way they were dropping Vick unless he REALLY screwed up. It drives me crazy when you bloggers assume we all made the same poor analysis of the situation as you guys did. Some of us actually took the time to think about the issue before jumping on the overdramatized media bandwagon.