The Philadelphia Eagles Offensive Line MUST Do a Better Job of Protecting Quarterback Michael Vick; His Health is the Key to an Eagles' Super Bowl Run

By Bryn Swartz

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In Sunday’s 30-27 victory over the Dallas Cowboys, quarterback Michael Vick received a number of blows by the Cowboys’ defenders.

Most notably was a cheap shot as Vick ran out of bounds by linebacker Anthony Spencer. The play wasn’t called a penalty, even though replays showed that Vick had clearly stepped out of bounds.

It was obvious even without replays. That call was an absolute disgrace.

But Vick also took a number of shots, including a double helmet-to-helmet shot.

Fullback Owen Schmitt also missed a block on superstar linebacker DeMarcus Ware, who ran in and blasted Vick.

Cornerback Orlando Scandrick also came in untouched on a cornerback blitz to pick up a sack.

In all, Vick received five hits by Cowboys’ defenders, and any one of them could have ended his season.

The Eagles need to realize how special of a player Michael Vick is, and I’m sure they do, but he is getting contacted way too many times for my liking.

The referees have clearly proven that they will do absolutely nothing to protect Vick, whose biggest mistake is that his last name isn’t Manning or Brady.

Vick can make things happen with his legs to get out of potentially dangerous situations, but sooner or later, I’m afraid he’s going to take a blow, he’s going to stay down, and he’s not going to get up.

Ever since the Giants game three weeks ago, teams have been trying to hurt Michael Vick. They’re trying to take him out of the game and end his season.

This can’t happen, not if the Eagles want to make a serious push for the Lombardi trophy.

Winston Justice missed today’s game, which hurt the Eagles, especially with the beating King Dunlap took, but injuries happen to linemen and other players need to be able to step in to protect the quarterback.

Michael Vick is worth his weight in gold and he absolutely has to be protected better. The offensive line must shape up.

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