If the Philadelphia Eagles Lose to the New York Giants, Don't Expect a Trip to the Postseason

By Bryn Swartz

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Sunday’s game against the New York Giants is without a doubt the most important game of the season for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Win, and the postseason is a virtual guarantee. The division title is practically sewn up. And a number two seed in the playoffs is likely.

Lose, and I don’t think we’ll see this team in the postseason.

The NFC playoff race is tight. Extremely tight.

The Eagles have a 76.4 percent chance of reaching the postseason, according to Sports Club Stats.

The Giants are at 77.4. The Saints are at 95.1.

The Bears (70.2) and Packers (53.5) have lower chances than the Eagles, but if either finishes with the same record as the Eagles, the Eagles lose out, based on head-to-head losses.

The Buccaneers have a 27.3 percent chance, but their remaining schedule is favorable. They play Detroit at home, Seattle at home, and New Orleans on the road. I think they’ll win the first two. I think the Saints will have the top wild-card spot clinched heading into the final game of the season, meaning they’ll rest their starters. I think the Buccaneers will win that game.

I think the NFC South will produce both wild-card teams.

I think one team is coming from the NFC East. I still think that team is going to be the Eagles, but Sunday’s game is HUGE.

Is it a must win?

Absolutely, one hundred percent yes.

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