For Philadelphia Eagles' Quarterback Michael Vick, Every Game For the Rest of the Season is a Struggle for Survival

By Bryn Swartz

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The Eagles’ season took a dramatic turn in a game against the New York Giants on Sunday Night Football a month ago.

The Eagles won 27-17, and Vick played well, but the Giants’ defense managed to contain Vick’s legs, as well as his arm. They also delivered a number of blows on Vick.

Since then, the Chicago Bears, Houston Texans, and Dallas Cowboys have all played the same way as the Giants: with the intent to injure the Eagles’ quarterback.

Let’s not deny that.

Vick is targeted after every single throw, every single run. He is hit repeatedly, slammed to the ground, and pushed after throwing the ball.

There have been a number of no-calls on hits on Michael Vick this season, so many that Eagles’ head coach Andy Reid publicly complained to the league about the abuse his quarterback is taking.

The league did make a call last week, but it was on a double helmet-to-helmet hit.

They didn’t call the play when Vick was shoved out of bounds by Cowboys’ linebacker Anthony Spencer (although the play was later fined, but that doesn’t help the Eagles at all).

Vick and the Eagles face the Giants this week, who have knocked out five quarterbacks already this season.

Then they play the Minnesota Vikings, with the powerful Williams’ boys at defensive tackle.

And the season concludes with an angry Dallas Cowboys squad seeking revenge the Eagles’ victory last week.

I’m terrified that Vick will get hurt this season.

I’m more than terrified. I’m expecting it.

Every game has become a tale of survival for the best offensive weapon in the National Football League.

And I don’t know how much longer Vick will stay healthy.

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