Would Donovan McNabb be a good fit for the San Francisco 49er's?

By ericschmidt

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Washington Redskins QB Donovan McNabb was benched yesterday in favor of Rex Grossman and it appears that his career with the Redskins might be coming to an end, would McNabb be a good fit for the San Francisco 49er’s in 2011? There is a lot to consider before saying yes or no. Will Mike Singletary be retained? Does it look like the Niners would be in position to draft a top college quarterback prospect? Would the 49er’s be willing to trade for McNabb?

The first thing that has to be considered is what will the coaching staff look like next season? Alex and troy Smith are free agents and will be gone. He new head coach would bring in a new offensive scheme and depending on who the coach is, would McNabb fit his style of offense. The Niners have offensive weapons, something which McNabb is lacking in Washington.

Secondly, the 49er’s are currently in the middle of the pack for selecting in the first round of next year’s draft. That could go higher or lower depending on the rest of the season. Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton is slated to go in the middle of the draft’s first round. Do the 49er’s risk another first round pick on a quarterback or go with a veteran under center in 2011?

Lastly, the Washington Redskins will likely entertain trade offers for McNabb before releasing him so they don’t have to pay him his roster bonus at the start of next season. If the 49er’s decide that McNabb would be the route to go, should the 49er’s surrender draft picks in order to acquire McNabb?

The 49er’s are going to have to address the quarterback position at some point this coming offseason, it’s just a matter of which direction the team wants to head in.

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